Pathfinder (Wrath of the Righteous)

Days 14-16: Crusader's March

29th-31st of Arodus, 4713, Age of Lost Omens

Before heading out on your journey, you discuss and plan the road ahead with the three experts attached to your forces – Aron, Sosiel and Nurah. They suggest traveling north directly to Valas’s Gift – a small rural community that might help stock the army with a little more supplies. Then following the east bank of the Sellen River north you come to Vilareth Ford, where the bridge over the West Sellen is guarded by a Mendevian unit. At this point you can cross the West Sellen and continue north along its west bank to the dry Ahari riverbed. The dry riverbed can serve as a natural trail to follow that leads directly to Drezen. As the Ahari runs deeper into the Wourldwound it becomes a deep canyon which might be dangerous if your approaching army is noted, but otherwise will provide cover and the opportunity to surprise the demons garrisoned in Drezen.
According to Aron’s and Nurah’s calculations It’s a 160 mile journey to Drezen along this route, and the mounted paladins of “The Hammers of Kenabres”, can cover 36 miles a day (including time lost breaking and setting up camp). Assuming no complications, this means the journey to Drezen takes 4-1/2 days. The supplies your army can carry (50 units) allow you 10 days (5 per day) without the need to forage – but foraging or hunting is not really an option once you cross the river and enter the Worldwound.

Day 1 of the March to Drezen – VALAS’S GIFT
Nurah says: “Valas’s Gift lies 28 miles northeast of Kenabres. It is a small town surrounded by surprisingly fertile lands that serve as one of Kenabres’s primary sources of food and grain”.
Aron says: “We should be able to stock some food there and maybe goods, so no consumption on the first day!”
Sosiel says: “Praise Shelyn!”
When the “Hammers of Kenabres” reach the town early in the afternoon, they find Valas’s Gift a smoking ruin. You decide the army should camp here for the night, while Zeldir, Brant and Orion ride north to the Roadside Inn where Zeldir’s parents live. When you reach the Roadside Inn after night fall you discover the place was attacked, its inhabitants, including Zeldir’s parents, massacred and mutilated. With superb survival skills and a bit of talking with the dead you discover that the inn was attacked only a few days ago by a group of Dretches and Tieflings led by a Brimorak demon.

Day 2 of the March to Drezen – WIlderness
In the morning you easily find the trampled and scorched trail left by the devilish murderers, and decide to follow it north (mostly because of Zeldir’s insistence) instead of waiting for the rest of your army as planned. You follow the trail north along the bank of the Sellen River, and as the evening begins to fall you find yourself on the ridge overlooking Vilareth Ford. A closer look reveals the ford has been taken by an army of Tieflings. You decide to stay under the cover of the hills and wait for the Hammers of Kenabres to arrive.
Meanwhile, the army marched all day, without its captains (I wonder what this does to moral….), and after a full day march made camp on the banks of the river Sellen, about half a day away from Vilareth Ford.

Day 3 of the March to DrezenVILARETH FORD
Nurah says: “Vilareth Ford is the northernmost crossing point on the West Sellen – few settlements and no fords or bridges exist farther north from here on the Mendev side of the river. Named for the crusader general who first held the ford against a host of tiefling cultists eager to use it as an invasion point, Vilareth Ford has long been watched over by a small contingent of crusaders.”
Aron says: “Tough luck, now its been taken by the enemy, but if we win this battle we might scavenge gear and supply from them.”
Sosiel says: “Praise Shalyn!!”
The “Hammers of Kenabres” rendezvoused with Brant, Zeldir and Orion a short while after mid-day on the hills surrounding Vilareth Ford. You used the few hours of sunlight left, to devise a cunning plan for retaking the ford from the Tieflings.
A short while before sunset you sent a small band of knights to lure the tiefling army into the open, where it was butchered by the Paladins from a safe distance using bows and arrows. Following Zeldir’s personal interpretation of Brant’s orders, the Paladin army proceeded to make sure there are no survivors left nor prisoners taken and the tieflings are utterly vanquished. You then order the soldiers to scavenge what they can from the bodies of their dead foes, which brings some discontent and grumbling among the paladins, until Brant quiets them down with his very convincing arguments.
During the battle you also managed to locate the Brimorak commander and slay him.
Following the Battle of Vilareth Ford, you also searched the small fortress. Altogether, from the supply in the fortress and the dead Tieflings you gathered 3 units of food and 3 units of goods. Aron explains that if you do manage to take Drezen, you’ll need more goods, and also influence, labor, magic, and of course gold to help get the city up and running again.

Kamilo Dan
Only a handful of wounded survivors remain of the small contingent that once guarded the area. All of them were imprisoned in one of the stone buildings. Currently led by a sergeant named Kamilo Dann, the survivors number a dozen in all. Kamilo puts on a brave face, and her assurance and leadership kept the other survivors from despair, even when some of them were taken away every few hours by the Brimorak for sacrifice or worse. The dozen survivors are in no shape to keep the ford protected, but they do know that a greater army
lies somewhere to the north in a place called “Keeper’s Canyon”. Kamilo volunteers to lead her survivors back south to Kenabres to report that the ford has fallen and reinforcements should be sent to reoccupy it. Some of the survivors however, are convinced to join “The Hammers of Kenabres”.


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