Pathfinder (Wrath of the Righteous)

Days 17-18: Into the Worldwound

1st-2ed of Rova, 4713, Age of Lost Omens

Day 4 of the March to Drezen – On the edge of the Abyss
Nurah says: “Once we cross the ford, we will be walking on the outskirts of the Worldwound. Things will become strange, and we will have no chance of gathering food or other natural resorces”
Aron says: “No easy route inland exists aside from the Ahari river bed about a day and a half to the north, and as we go north the cliffs will of grow steep until we reach the dry riverbed.”
Sosiel says: “Praise Shalyn!!”
As you and the Hammers of Kenabres continue north along the western banks of the West Sellen River, you’re skirting the edge of the Worldwound itself. Your surroundings on this side of the river become increasingly strange and alien even though your not really heading into the blighted lands just yet. The sky above seems darker and dimmer, and no vegetation grows on the desolate ground. Just as Aaron anticipated, the cliffs to your left are steep and impossible to climb with horses. When evening arrives the army stops for the night.

Day 5 of the March to Drezen – The Battle of Keeper’s Kanyon
Nurah says: “By noon we should reach the dry riverbed of the Ahari river, where an army of demons is reportedly camped. Keeper’s Canyon was once a holding of Drezen – a small town that helped to facilitate shipments to and from Drezen. Today, only the shells of a few stone buildings remain, along with a half- dozen leaning pillars in the river from what was once an extensive maze of piers”
Aron says: “Keeper’s Kanyon is a sort of choke point, and the current lords of Drezen know this is the most likely route their enemy will take. I hope and believe, however, that the demons do not expect such a daring attack.”
Sosiel says: “Praise Shalyn!!”
The Hammers of Kenabres ride only for a few hours before the opening of the Ahari gorge can be seen in the distance, and nestled within it are the ruins of Keeper’s Kanyon. Zeldir and Aaron ride a head to scout on the demon army reported to camp there. They return with news that the Worldwound forces at Keeper’s Canyon consist of two armies, and the Hammers might need to fight both at once. The larger of the two is a tiefling army, but the more dangerous of the two is a smaller but deadlier unit of dretches.
Although the army of Keeper’s Kanyon was protected by the ruins of the old town, they were eventually destroyed by the Hammers of Kenabres. The fight was not without casualties however, and 25 of the paladins were slain. During the battle you noted the commander of the evil forces, an evil Incubus, which Zeldir pursued and killed before the battle was over.
Scavenging the field of battle and the ruins turns up 2 units of food and 2 units of Goods.


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