Followers of Brant de Garess

A bunch of low level NPCs


Simon the Unholy

An ex-cleric of Deskari who was taken prisoner in Kenabres, and under Brant’s patronage is now trying to atone for his sins.
CN human ex-cleric 1
Basic Skills: Knowledge (religion, planes) +6, Spellcraft +3,
Motivation: feels brant can severe his ties to Deskari, but does not yest see the enlightened gods as substitute.
Appearance: a large brute, with ugly scars as a result of disease he once had.
Personality: superstitious, uncouth, strong willed

Bartholomeo the Meek

Before the fall of Kenabres Batholomeo was a translator and research assistant for one of the knights of the Order of Heralds. He was taken prisoner and sent to Drezen, where he was rescued by the party.
NG human wizard 1
Basic Skills: Knowledge (arcana) +7, Linguistics +7 (common, celestial, abyssal, Hallit, Skald), Spellcraft +7, Profession (scribe) +3
Can scribe scrolls and write stuff.
Motivation: Needs to feel secure and protected. Expects rewords for his services.
Appearance: skinny and sickly appearance. Nerdy.
Personality: mannered, aloof, coward


Followers of Brant de Garess

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