Staunton Vhane

A traitor, aparently he is now the lord of Drezen


None of you ever met Staunton Vhane, but his betrayal was “big news” not too long ago in Kenabris. A few decades ago Vhane joined the Mendevian crusade as a captain of an all-dwarven mercenary company called the Hammers of Heaven. These dwarves served Torag and the Knights of Mendev in a variety of campaigns.
A few weeks ago rumors of his betrayal and dealings with demons spread through Kenabris. Aravshnial, declared that he himself was one of the investigators who found those rumors to be true. As the rumors spread, Staunton fled Kenabris.

The letter to Hosilla which you found in the tunnels, confirms the rumors about his betrayal, and he now seems to be the lord of Drezen – a town inside the worldwound.


Staunton Vhane

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