Areelu Vorlesh

Areelu Vorlesh started her career as a witch who was researching the weakpoint between the material world and the underworld in Sarkoris before it became the Worldwound. She was a senior member of Deskari’s cult and when the Wourldwound opened in 4606 AR she became a half-fiend. Rumors abound that she was in fact responsible for opening it and becoming a half-fiend was her reward, or perhaps a stepping stone on the way to her full reward of becoming a true demon. It’s also possible that it was an accident and that whatever she was doing may have only played a minor role (if any at all) in the Worldwound opening, and her transformation into a half-fiend was either inadvertent or even unrelated.
Even before becoming a half-fiend she was famous for conducting sick and awful experiments on Sarkosians and rubbing elbows with fiends, demons and those who worshiped them. Eventually she disappeared and most scholars believed she was dead.

The letter to Hosilla, which the party found in the tunnels under Kenabres proves that not only is she alive and well, but also that she was behind the attack on the city.
According to the letter you found in Faxon’s office she went to the Abyss to find a “Nahyndrian Crystal”, and her next mission is to come to Kenabres and turn the wardstone to evil use.

Areelu Vorlesh Monster Lore (8 ranks)

Areelu Vorlesh started her career as a Sarkorian Witch, using Mind Affecting hexes to make doubt creep into one’s actions or to charm people into believing her words, and then causing them grave misfortune. Her charm became so powerful that it also affects monsters and animals. Very early in her career as a witch she made contact with demonic beings which granted her powers in other planes. This contact with the demonic has caused her to be emitting a constant malevolent darkness that protects her from attacks and grants her resistance to spells cast by good creatures. Aside from advancing her spell powers she also dubbed in other arts. She is said to be especially good at precision strikes, and her body is quick and agile allowing her to avoid melee attacks. She is also rumored to be an exceptional dancer using blunt sexuality in her dance moves. Her dance, it is said, is so enchanting that it is dangerous to behold – anyone who sees her dance cannot control his body and starts to dance as well.

Areelu Vorlesh

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