Background Skills

Background Skills and Monster Lore

We are going to attempt an implementation of a variant of the Background Skills system.

Here’s how it goes:

  • When a character completes a full level upgrade (final tier) she gains 1 background skill rank in addition to her normal allotment of skill ranks.
  • The background skill rank can only be allocated to one of the following skills:
    Craft (any)
    Handle Animal
    Knowledge (any)
    Perform (any)
    Profession (any)
    Sleight of Hand
  • The rule that you may not have more ranks than your character level on any skill still apply.

Monster Lore

The characters can choose to invest the background skill ranks in Monster Lore instead of in skills. The monster lore is not a skill like all others. It does not “belong” to one character, but to the entire party as a group, and there are no Monster Lore rolls. You can not invest regular skill ranks in Monster Lore. Invested ranks towards the lore of a certain monster will reveal pieces of information related to it. The exact information revealed to the characters is up to the GM, but as you invest more, the information you get will become more helpful and important.
To invest background skill ranks in Monster Lore, the party must choose a certain monster which they already know about (but not necessarily met, fought or defeated). You must choose a certain monster, not a type. Dretch is a valid choice; Demon is not. You may also choose a certain villain such as Khorramzadeh or Areelu Vorlesh. If the party has one or more characters with a Favored Enemy class, and the monster chosen is a favored enemy, every two ranks this character invests counts as three.

Converting the Characters
To convert a character’s skill ranks into this system, first determine the total number of background skill ranks she has—this is equal to 1 × the PC’s character level. Decide how many ranks you want to invest in Monster Lore (if any) and how many in background skills.

If you already have regular skill ranks in a skill in which you want to invest a background skill rank, you may re-assign 1 regular skill rank for every background skill rank you allocate in that skill.

Background Skills

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