Gaining Levels

No more XP for the characters. I will tell you when your character advances towards the next level. Instead of gaining all your new abilities when you advance to the next level, you divide each level to tiers. As beginning 4th level characters, you are all in tier 4, and will upgrade to tiers 4.1, 4.2, 4.3 and then to tier 5 which will be the completion of a full upgrade to actual level 5, then you will start you advancement towards level 6 with upgrades to tiers 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, and than tier/level 6, 6.1, 6.2 and so on.

When your character advances from one tier to the next I will let you know and you can apply the changes of that tier to your character sheet. You basically complete a full level upgrade every four tiers. For purposes of calculations using your character level (for example for caster level or when you have to add half your character level etc.), you are not considered to reach a certain level before you complete a full upgrade to that level. In other words, you are not considered level 3 before you reach tier 3, even though you were already gaining level 3 benefits and modifiers on tiers 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3.

The basic guidelines for advancing through the tiers of a level are:
1. You must meet all the prerequisites for the class level you plan on leveling up to. For example, if a 3ed level Wizard wishes to take a Loremaster 1st level, he must fulfill all the requirements of the Loremaster class before upgrading to tier 3.1 of the Loremaster 1st level.
2. Skill ranks divide equally between the tiers. Any extra skill ranks go to the later tiers, but in a way that will not allow an early tier to grant you more ranks than a later tier (if in tier 4.2 you gain more skill ranks than in tier 4.3, or in tier 4.3 you gain more than in tier 5 then something is wrong).
3. Hit Points: you gain half your level hp (rounded down) on tier x.2 and the remaining hp upon completing a full level upgrade.
4. BAB and SAVES: If on your next level you gain a better BAB and/or Saves, on every tier you may choose to upgrade either your BAB or one of your saving bonuses.
5. Special Abilities: Special Abilities considered here, are only those that have their own entry in the “Special” column of class tables. If you gain only one new special ability, you gain it on the final tier when you complete a full upgrade to your next level. If you get two new special abilities, you can add the extra special ability to tier x.3, and if you get three of them, you can gain one on tier x.2. However, an improvement of a former special ability (e.g. sneak attack that improves on rouge level 3) will always be gained on an earlier tier than special abilities that are new to the character. Domain powers are considered as special abilities.
Bonus Feats (such as those gained by wizards and fighters) are considered as regular feats for the level advancement (see below).
6. Spells: Spell casters gain one spell per tier, with late tier always giving a number of new spells that is equal to or higher than the earlier tiers, and spells of lower levels are gained first. In other words, if you gain 2 new spells on your new level, one of level 1 and one of level 0, you will gain the level 0 spell on tier x.3 and the level 1 spell when completing a full level upgrade on the final tier.
If you have two separate lists of spells (e.g. sorcerer’s list of “spells per day” and “spells known” list) treat them separately but in the same manner.
Bonus spells from high ability are immediately gained on the same tier when you gain a spell of the same level. For example, when a sorcerer advances from level 3 to level 4, she will add a 2ed level spell to her “spells per day” list for the first time on tier 3.2. She will immediately gain the bonus spells from her high charisma as well.
A cleric’s domain spell is always gained at the final tier of the level.
You reach a new Caster Level only upon completing a full level upgrade. E.g. you become caster level 4 only upon reaching tier 4.
7. Feats: treat feats as you did Special Abilities. New feats are always gained on the final tier when a full level upgrade is completed. If you gain more than one feat, a feat that is an improvement of a feat you already have, must be gained first (Greater Weapon Focus for example, is an improvement of Weapon Focus). If both feats are new to the character, you can choose which one you want to gain first.
8. Ability score (every fourth level) upgrades at the final tier when the character completes a full level upgrade to level 4, 8, 12 and so on.
9. Animal companions, familiars, Paladin’s mounts etc. will be advancing as separate characters with their own advancement tiers

See examples

Please know in advance the upgrades you are planing for tiers 4.1, 4.2, 4.3 and 5. It will be best if they are written down IN YOUR CHARACTER SHEET!

Gaining Levels

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