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Old Kenabres

This district is the remainder of the original town of Kenabres, perched on the edge of the cliff over the West Sellen. The houses here are well constructed from heavy stone, and other characteristics of architectural fashions popular hundreds of years ago. Houses and official administrative buildings–including the courthouse, city hall, and the garrison–make up Old Kenabres. Notable resident Hulrun Shappok lives here in the Prelate’s Manor.
Map Landmarks:
2. Cathedral of Saint Clydwell and (3) Clydwell Plaza
11. Temple of lomedae
The Gray Garrison

Ring District

Encircling Old Kenabres is the second tier of the city, known as the Ring District. It differs from Old Kenabres mostly by elevation and status. It contains more homes and administrative buildings, including the hall of records and the maintenance building for the water pumps. At the district’s eastern edge, Davon’s Ramp makes the transition between the higher-elevation Ring District and the lower-elevation districts of New Kenabres and the Gate District. Heavy iron gates safeguard the top and bottom of the ramp. For security, these gates are locked an hour after sunset, and a guard is posted at each.
Remnants of the original Kenabres refugee camp still remain in the Ring District as a narrow slum on the eastern side, between the central district and outer wall of the city, overlooking the river. This slum houses the poorest and most desperate of citizens and are known as “Wallers”.
Map Landmarks:
1. Alodae Amphitheater
7. The Kite
13. Truestone Park
14. Waller Slum
16. North and center water pumps

New Kenabres

After the opening of the Worldwound, this district was added as a safe haven for the refugees of the lost settlements. Buildings are mostly residential, but New Kenabres also houses the majority of the city’s warehouses. The eastern and southeastern sides of New Kenabres hold many of the largest manors in the city. During the construction of New Kenabres, many moneyed families chose to build new homes in the new district, as it offered just as much safety as the old city but without the claustrophobic density.
Map Landmarks:
6. Hall of Heroes
12. Tower of Estrod
15. Warehouse Square
16. South water pump

Gate District

A decade after New Kenabres rose, the Gate District followed. City officials realized that the new housing units wouldn’t be enough to support the city’s growth, and in response constructed the Gate District – the largest district in Kenabres. The Gate District includes a mix of residential and commercial buildings, as well as wealthy family homes. Temples to Abadar, Sarenrae, Shelyn, and Torag sit alongside smithies, stoneworks, and woodshops. The city’s two gates, Northgate and Southgate, lead into this district.
Map Landmarks:
5. Defender’s Heart
8. Librarium of the Broken Black Wing
9. North Gate Quarter
10. South Gate Quarter

Crusader Camps

The constant influx of crusaders waiting for a chance to slay demons has created logistical issues in Kenabres. For a time, new inns opened daily to cope with the number of crusaders clamoring for rooms, but many of these “inns” were merely flophouses renting space on the floor for exorbitant amounts. Local law officers had their hands full examining and regulating these inns, and the close proximity of so many crusaders ready to do battle caused fights and disturbances every night. Eventually, the city declared that all crusaders were required to maintain their own camps outside the city walls, and designated an area against the city wall by Northgate for these camps. The area is now cramped with dozens of tents, small campfires, refuse pits, and horse pens.
Map Landmarks:
4. Patrol Barracks

Kenabres Guide

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