The Eagle Watch

The Eagle Watch (ACR 3)

LG Medium (150 soldiers) army of humans (paladin 4)
Tactical Size 2; Speed: 4; Initiative 3;
30 hp (current: 24)
DV 16 OM +6 (long range)
Resources: improved armor, improved weapons (mwk cold iron), mounts (36 miles/day), Long ranged weapons (longbows), Provisions (21 left),
Morale +4 (current:
1); Consumption 8; VP 0
Commander: Irabeth Tirabade (Cha +2, Level 7, Profession (Soldier): 9, Morale Boost: +8, Leadership 12)
Commander Boons:
Bloodied but Unbroken: When an army’s hp are at half or lower, it gains a +2 bonus on OM checks and on DV.


  • Expert flankers – In melee phase your army can flank (+1 to OM) an army of equal or smaller tactical size without the need for an ally. While flanking with an ally, your army gains an additional +1 to OM to a total of +2.
  • Cooperative fighting – If an ally army attacks the same enemy army in melee phase, (They need not be adjacent) each army gets a +1 to OM and DV. These bonuses do not stack if allies have this tactic as well.
  • Cavalry Experts: In melee phase, your army’s OM increases by 2 against armies that aren’t mounted. The army must have the mount resource to use this tactic.
  • Standard – no additional modifiers to its OM, DV, or damage.
  • Withdraw – Your army tries to escape from all armies engaging it. In melee phase the army attempts an opposed Morale check against each army attacking it to maintain discipline (any army may voluntarily fail this check), but doesn’t need to attempt the usual Morale check to change tactics when switching to withdraw. If all of these checks are successful, your army may withdraw from the engagement and move up to its speed. If only some are successful, you may still withdraw, but enemy armies in the battle may attack you as if you were in Melee. Whether or not the checks are successful, reduce your army’s OM and DV by 2 for the rest of this phase.

Special Abilities:

  • Aura of courage – immune to fear effects and automatically succeeds at Morale checks to avoid a rout.
  • Channel positive energy – Twice per battle, in the Melee phase, the army deals hp damage equal to twice its ACR against an undead target army. Instead of dealing extra damage to an enemy army, the army can use this ability to heal itself by taking an OM penalty equal to half its ACR for one Ranged or Melee phase, it heals a number of hit points equal to twice it’s ACR.
  • Divine health – The army is immune to disease.
  • Lay on hands – This ability functions as channel positive energy, only it heals ACR worth of hit points, not twice ACR
  • Mercy – At the end of a battle, the army can cure a disease on one allied army or on itself.
  • Smite evil – In one Melee phase per battle, the army may increase its OM by 2 against an evil army. If the target army is undead or evil outsiders, the OM increases by 4 instead.
  • Spellcasting – increases OM and DV by level of highest-level spell the individual unit can cast. The army can use long range attack twice per battle even if they don’t have a ranged weapon.


The Eagle Watch

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