Pathfinder (Wrath of the Righteous)

Days 24-28 -The Eagles are Coming!

8th-12th of Rova, 4713, Age of Lost Omens

Waiting for the Eagles

For five days you wait at the Vescavor Caves for Irabeth and the Eagle Watch. Occasionally you have to fight wondering demons who venture to close to the caves, or in other occasions a survivor or two from the Hammers of Kenabres finds you.
While waiting you use some of the time you have to spy on the inhabitants of Drezen. You discover that the fortified tower on Paradise Hill holds a few hundred prisoners, some of them are paladins who were imprisoned there after the Battle of Southbank, while many others a re foot soldiers and guards taken prisoner from Kenabres many days ago.
The warehouse at Southbank holds gear – armors mostly and crates of goods.

The Eagles Arrive and the Taking of Paradise Hill

Finally, five days later, Irabeth and Anevia arrive with the Eagle Watch. Everyone is happy and encouraged!
Following your report, Irabeth suggests taking control of Paradise Hill. This will allow rescuing the prisoners and reforming at least a small portion of the former Hammers of Kenabres and maybe even another army of foot soldiers.
Before the day ends the Eagle Watch attacks the Schir army on Paradise Hill. Although the Schirs are formidable foes, they are no match for the Eagle Watch and the hill is taken before night fall. From the fortified tower on the hill you rescue 300 Kenabres citizens and commoners, 200 foot soldiers (henceforth “The Pit Survivors”), and the last remaining Hammers of Kenabres who are now reformed into a small army of 50 paladins.
Finally, a week after your arrival to Drezen you begin to feel hope! But as the excitement of battle dwindles many questions arise: will you have enough food to feed all these people? is the traitor still among you? and what are those roars you can hear from inside the citadel once every few hours?


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