Pathfinder (Wrath of the Righteous)

Days 9-10 - Waiting for the Queen

24th-25th of Arodus, 4713, Age of Lost Omens

Kenabres took a devastating blow when the Storm King destroyed the wardstone. The attack that swiftly followed involved the opening of several rifts in the ground that swallowed up entire city blocks even as armies of demons, from relatively minor fiends like dretches and babaus on up to the hulking destroyers known as ulkreths, rose up to attack and destroy. Many of Kenabres’s citizens died during the assault, but many more managed to escape the city, fleeing into the surrounding countryside while the demons remained distracted by the presence of buildings and stragglers within the city walls. Even after the demons retreated, leaving Kenabres a smoking ruin, the situation in the city remained grim.

It was not until the you and the city’s largest surviving group of crusaders, the Eagle Watch, mounted coordinated attack on the remaining demonic defenders that things start to change for the better. With the lure of the Wardstone fragment ripe for corruption removed and the sudden final death-pulse of the border’s wardstones, the demons have retreated for now. A few stragglers remained in the ruins, but they were quickly hunted down and exterminated. A new ray of hope shines on the beleaguered city.

Kenabres after the fall is a very different city. Before the attack, the city boasted a population of more than 12,000 souls, now, even after many of those who fled are returning, there are only about 6000 people within its walls. The city feels broken and empty, yet as you pass by in the streets, glimpses of hope shine in the eyes of her people.
You spend your time helping, healing and restoring buildings and shrines.

Ruined Kenabres


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