A magical sword (scimitar) with golden blade cast from cold iron

weapon (melee)

The sword changes it’s shape according to the deity its wielder worships. Its blade is shiny and seems to be made of gold, but it is actually cold iron.
In Brant’s hands it is a +1 cold iron scimitar. As a swift action, the wielder can make delicate runes on the sword glow, producing an effect similar to Light spell. The runes spell the name of the sword: Radiance.


The sword was found in the ruins of Nyserian Manor.
It was once wielded by Yaniel, one of the most renowned heroines of Kenabres. When she was killed in 4694, her sword lost its magic and fell dormant. Yaniel’s followers placed the sword in the museum at the Gray Garrison. It was then stolen by the demons, and in mysterious ways found its way to Brant de Garess.

In the sword’s hilt a song written by Yaniel was found written on an old parchment.


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