People, places, monsters

A list of people we should try and have a word with. Or something of that sort…

Staunton Vhane – a former knight who turned out to be a traitor. AKA SV.

Hosilla – a cultist of Baphomet that served under Staunton Vhane. We fought her at the tunnels beneath Kenabres, but she escaped us. Is she a member of the Templars of the Ivory Labyrinth?

Aigon Topaz – Ran a “solutions” shop in Kenabres. Turned out to be a traitor who worked with Staunton Vhane. Jeslyn brought him a sword for SV.
A member of the Templars of the Ivory Labyrinth?

Minagho – He was signed on the letter addressed to Faxon. The demon known from the “Red Morning Massacre”.

Places we should go to

Drezen – Apparently SV is now its ruler.




Vermlek – a worm like demon that possess bodies.

  • use bodies as a suit of armor.
  • after sustaining a certain amount of damage, the body collapses and the worm-like demon comes out.
  • can Channel negative energy that both heals him and harms others.
  • Maybe heals whenever he’s harming someone.
  • has blind-sense, blind-sight or something of that sort (can spot invisible creatures)
  • The usual Demon features (DR, SR, probably some element resistance)

Dretch – seems a somewhat slow-witted demon

  • Can summon another dretch.
  • can make an intimidating attack. Seems that this attack only targets one foe.
  • Can gurgle some horrible stench, similar to stinking cloud, causing nauseated condition in an area (Fort negates).
  • The usual Demon features (DR, SR, probably some element resistance)

abrikandilu – an ugly rat-like demon that hates pretty things.

  • hates his looks, and will attack someone who holds a mirror against him.
  • can attack and break items; even weapons.
  • Can scream at someone, trying to break any glass made gear he has. (will negates?)
  • The usual Demon features (DR, SR, probably some element resistance)
  • Low level demon that is used as a cannon fodder and to create havoc
  • aiming to his opponent face he has some special power that makes the scratches inflamed. Not sure what it does, though.

Schir – an ugly goat-like demon. The brutal, wicked demon version for Satyr.

  • Likes to charge. Does special damage with his horns when charging.
  • The usual Demon features (DR, probably some element resistance). Seems they have good SR.
  • They use poisoned Halberds. The poison cause some kind of disease.
  • Can summon more Schirs to their aid.
  • Seem to have low will save.
  • Have good to hit bonus.

Peryton – a flying stag with a predator mouth. Magical beast.

  • Flying
  • Can, as a swift action, replace his shadow with someone (has to fly above him?). Not sure what does it do.
  • Seems to have a low will save.
  • DR\magic (though probably not very high – Zeldir used non magical arrows and hit him hard)
  • Seemed that Brant’s magical fire (added to his weapon) hurt him as usual.

Babau – a slimy demon

  • Can dispel magic. At will?
  • Can see invisible.
  • His slimy slime can damage weapons that hits him.
  • The usual Demon features (DR, SR, probably some element resistance).
  • They can teleport – at least for a short distance.

Nabasu – A winged horrifying demon

  • Can cast darkness (negates all vision including dark vision, negated by the spell “daylight”)
  • Can paralyze foes (several at once, did it only once)
  • Can inflict necgative levels (did it only once, to a few people at once)
  • Can fly (has bat-like wings)
  • Can use some ability that turns his claws deadlier – and he heals the HP he inflicted
  • Good at combat casting.
  • Can summon Babau
  • Likes Gouls. Seems he can make them.
  • Probably the usual Demon features (DR, SR, probably some element resistance).

Vescavor – Vicious demon-vermin, tends to swarm

  • Eats anything(?). bags, armors, shields, etc.
  • Demon traits. Resistant to fire and electricity. Acid works just fine.
  • As a swarm they can produce the “song of hell” that drives people nuts.
  • Smell really bad; Nauseated+distract when casting.

Vescavor’s Queen -

  • Can control Vescavor swarms.
  • Has a chaotic aura that can heal her and other Vescovars.
  • Can spit a ball of acid as a weapon (probably has some resistance too).
  • fly
  • high AC
  • 3 attacks per round. Lots of damage, partially acid.
  • Intelligent, can speak.
  • sings the “song of hell” too. May confuse creatures.

Vrock – a half humanoid half roc demon

  • immune / resistant to all elements
  • can emit spores. The spores cause damage through some kind of disease effect and it can be negated by any purifying effect e.g. bless
  • fly
  • shocking dance (danced for 2 or 3 rounds and then an explosion 100’ radius, electric damage)
  • failed a not too hard will save
  • has a high ac and many attacks
  • spell caster (at least mirror image)

People, places, monsters

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