Transference short version

Transference of magical properties from one object to another is more complicated and dangerous than creating a new item from scratch, but it may be a cheaper procedure.

The craftsman must be able to create the same the final upgraded magical item he is actually making through the transference.

Determine the difference between the creation price of the object before and after upgrading. An NPC will take half this amount. A PC may use 1/4 of this amount. Half of the cost (that would have been used by PCs, not NPCs) is in magical ingredients. You can use Talismanic Components as substitute for this half of the cost.

Transference of a +1 bonus takes 2 consecutive hours or 4 hours that are not consecutive. A craftsman can work 8 hours a day on transference.

The Transference Check

You can use Spellcraft or a related craft or profession skills for the check.
The DC is 10 + CL of the upgraded target object + Modifiers

DC Modifiers Table

Target is of the same type and same purpose as origin (e.g. cloak and cape) + 0
Target is a different type but of same purpose as origin (e.g. belt and boots) + 5
Target is a different type and different purpose than origin (e.g. a sword and a bow) + 10
Target object is already a magical object + 3 per + 1 bonus already in target object
For every +1 worth bonus transferred simultaneously + 5
Involves Talismanic Components -1 for every 100gp worth of talismanic components
Involves adequate Talismanic components -3
Involves inadequate Talismanic components +5
Target object is intelligent +5 to +10 and Will save negates

Results of the Transference Check:
Critical success: The magical essence transfers to the target item, and the item gains a perk.
Success: The magical essence transfers to the target item.
Failure: The magical essence eluded the creator and dissipated. All magic ingredients and talismanic components are lost.
Failure by 5 or more: All magical essences of both items are lost. If an item does not have a magical essence in it, it breaks.
Critical Failure: The old item shatters and loses all magical essence, the new item is cursed.

Transference short version

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